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Perpetual Permanent Makeup products, source for all your micropigmentation supplies

Perpetual Permanent Makeup products are your premier source for all of your micropigmentation needs. We carry all products for sale related to this industry. Among our vast inventory are pigment, needles, supplies, training video material, machine accessories and more.
We are an authorized distributor of Doreme permanent makeup micropigmentation
pigment.  If you are looking for an excellent place on the web to buy permanent makeup products, give our friendly staff a call or order directly from our online site.

Permanent Makeup Machine

We carry 3 different models of permanent makeup machine on our website. These models are the
Artemis, Precisionpoint and Preface. The Precisionpoint is a completely disposable machine that is based on a French design with an exceptional rotary drive that is hooked up to a LCD powerstation. The
Preface is our entry level unit that is fully disposable. Despite its low price, its sleek and professional design doesn’t skip a beat in performance. The
Artemis is our most refined machine that is capable of high performance while maintaining a high degree of refined stability.
This unit is capable of depth adjustment of up to 2mm at 0.2 mm increments. 
All of our kits with the exception of the Preface, comes complete with power
supply, foot pedal, autoswitch, travel adaptor and more!

Micropigmentation Pigment

We carry Doreme brand and other branded micropigmentation pigment. Doreme is internationally known for its vibrant color and true to color healing. For most of its colors, the shade that goes in is very close to the shade it heals to.
Doreme Pigment has had a long history of safety in the industry and is made in
South Korea.  The brand has been dermatologist tested with the Dermatest
certification, a long standing laboratory for cosmetics product safety based in
Germany. Be sure to check back with us often as we will have sales on our expiring pigment colors from time to time.

How to Permanent Makeup

If you are learning how to permanent makeup, check back with our website for tutorials and tips often. We have our own facebook page and blog where we feature guest technicians, link professional video techniques and more. We are happy to help you along your way to learning how to become a professional technician. A great place to look for video tutorials is on youtube, we will regularly feature such videos on our blog.

Permanent Makeup Pen

The permanent makeup pen is a timeless piece of equipment that has taken over the traditional tattoo machine for micropigmentation. Less than a decade ago, it was common that tattoo machines were used for micropigmentation. These large machines were cumbersome and their output tended to be too rough for something as delicate as permanent makeup. Since the first advent of the pen, a whole new world of possibility opened up for this profession. Using a tattoo machine compared to a permanent makeup pen is like using a paint roller to paint a porcelain doll.

Permanent Makeup Supplies and Products

Perpetual PMU is dedicated to bringing you the best permanent makeup supplies and products available. We are a constantly evolving company that is always looking to improve our products. If you have any suggestions on an item that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to drop us an email, we love hearing from customers! We source our inventory from a vast network of professional manufacturers and practitioners. All new products are tested by our knowledgeable staff before they are put up on our website for sale.

Permanent Makeup Needles

Our permanent makeup needles are made of surgical stainless steel and sterilized by ethylene oxide gas. Ethylene oxide sterilization is a common method of sterilizing medical equipment. This method of treating tools meant for biohazard service has a long history of safety. Ethylene oxide gas will destroy all harmful bacteria and viruses within several hours of exposure. The gas is completely removed before the permanent makeup needles are sealed into air tight packages.

Learn Permanent Makeup and Micropigmentation Training

Our blog and Facebook tutorials is a great place to learn permanent makeup and get some training in micropigmentation. We produce and search for well made tutorial videos and content that will help aspiring people to learn the trade. By no means is learning online the best way to get into a career in micropigmentation, however, it does provide a window that will allow you to see whether or not this is the right career path for you.

Buy during a Permanent Makeup Sale

We suggest that you buy during a permanent makeup sale on our website. Check on our facebook for updates as to when they occur. Typically we will hold a sale at least 3 to 4 times a year and this is the best time to buy on our site. Our permanent makeup sale may result in up to 20% off of the retail price. Also, lookout especially for our pigment sale for soon to be expired pigment.