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Perpetual Permanent Makeup has been a part of the Micropigmentation or Permanent Makeup industry since 2007.  Our decade long experience in this business gives us an edge over the competition.  We supply permanent makeup machines, needles, microblading supplies, anaesthetics, medical supplies, pigments, concentrates, sterilisation supplies and many other accessories and supplies for the micropigmentation industry.  From your eyebrows, eyeliners to your lips, we have got you covered!  We are proud to have such a great customer following over the years and we will continue to provide excellent products at reasonable prices for hopefully decades to come.

Micropigmentation is an art form that uses neither paintbrush nor clay yet its influence on the individual is profound. Our machines and equipment are designed to aid our users in accomplishing their fantastic goal to help people look their best. We supply all the additional supplies necessary to service our machines and equipment like permanent makeup needles, pigments, inks, needle caps, needles sleeves, practice skin, parts, pens, pigment rings, adaptors and more.


Doreme Pigments


We are the official distributor of the world famous Doreme Brand permanent makeup and microblading pigments.  Laboratory tested by Dermatest in Germany.  The Doreme brand is made in South Korea, a country with an advanced medical industry that specialises and excels in cosmetic surgery and of course micropigmentation.  We first introduced our Doreme brand to the North American market in 2011 and its popularity within the industry skyrocketed.  We now have 3 lines: Pigments, Concentrates and 2Shot.  Pigments are more liquid and are more suited for rotary or motorised permanent makeup machine applications.  Concentrates are thick and are suited for microblading applications.  2Shot are a cross between the pigments and Concentrates, 2Shot can be used for both permanent makeup machine or microblading applications.

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