Machine Accessories

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Perpetual Permanent Makeup is one of the largest permanent makeup supply stores in North America. We supply machines, pigments and accessories for professional technicians, salons and beauty schools.

We choose our products with detail and quality in mind, from generic brand products, to goods with the Perpetual stamp on it, to big name brands such as Cheyenne, Helios and Doreme.

In our Permanent Makeup Machine Accessories section, we carry high grade replacements and secondary micropigmentation pen that works with the supplies that comes in the initial kits. These replacements goes through the same excruciating testing such as speed controls, depth settings, and operation durations as the ones that come in the kits. With all these check marks, our technicians will release the machines to be stocked on our shelves.

In this section you can find add ons such as phono plug clip cords that will allow your pen to work with permanent makeup power panels. We also carry a variety of sturdy and minut responsive foot pedals in various shape and sizes, designed for better on and off control on your equipment.

Lastly, you will also find power adapter here as well. These are generic adapters used by all of our pens, and it even fits some other brands in the industry. These adapters are capable of working in any country around the world, with ranges of output from 110V to 230V. Ideal for on the go technicians and permanent makeup conventions.

We are constantly looking for new innovative products to provide convenience and value.