Micropigmentation Machines

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Perpetual Permanent Makeup is proud to offer a variety of pigmentation machines and kits for beginners artists to experienced professionals.

We offer two categories of machines: The cartridge base systems and our traditional combo pack systems.

Our Aura and Architect machines are made for convenience, with state of the art cartridge base systems that have been revamped and perfected through experience and customer feedback. These cartridges are meant to replaces the needle, cap and sleeve combos, allowing for easy switch and cleanliness. These two machine also boasts precision with depth gauges and speed control. The motors are built to withstand long hour sessions without need for cooling time. And the best part is the pricing. We offer low pricing and great quality!

Our combo systems are made better by your feedback! Continuing with needle, sleeve and cap combo, our Preface and Precision Point machines have been upgraded for our customers that likes what they are use to. These machines boast a stronger and smoother motor, allowing the use of bigger needles for larger area such as lips and camouflage procedures. Yet it will still give maximum precision on eyelining and hair stroke creation with smaller needle groupings.

What you have demanded, we have implemented, from quality to convenience to price. Easy to install with pictured instructions, and it takes less than 5 minute to get in the zone with these beauties. And by your continuous feedback, the future of our machines is in your hands.

Perpetual Permanent Makeup machines are made by the artist for the artist.