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Perpetual Permanent Makeup features a wide selection of needles and cartridges for traditional pigmentation machines, cartridge base machines, micro-needling cartridges as well as manual application microblades for softap.

Traditional Micropigmentation Combos
We offer an array of needle types that are design for eyebrow tattoo, eyeliner tattoo and lip tattoo.
We also have tube sleeves that are tailor to fit those needles and caps in both 8mm and 9mm diameter to match most standardy machines out there. All of our needles, sleeves and caps are individually packaged and pre sterilized.

Cartridge Based Micropigmentation Pens
Perpetual Permanent Makeup is proud to introduce our own line of cartridge base micropigmentation machines at a low cost and top of the industry quality. Our Architech and our Aura machines are capable of a wider selection of cartridges from rounds to flat formations, perfect for detailed hair strokes on eyebrows to creating a gradiant of shades on lip coloring.

Manual Application Microblades
As manual application began to gain momentum, we have especially designed a set of holders and microblades to fit that demand. These blades are made with minut precision, ensuring that each needle’s frictionless surface. Each package is pre-sterilized, along with it’s own expiration date and lot number. And as the shipment comes into North American soil, they are further tested by a sterilization lab.

Our Commitment
Perpetual Permanent Makeup has become an industry standard provided for micropigmentation supplies. Our commitment to our customers are very important to us, not only for safety but for innovation as well. And with your help, we will continue to provide quality products at an affordable price.