Minerva Cartridges

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Minerva Permanent Makeup System is our newest addition to the Perpetual Family. It features an upgrade motor that allows the pen to run with little voltage, minimal noise output and smooth, feather light precision. This machine is versatile, made for a all permanent makeup needs such as Eyeliner, Eyebrow, Lip and Medical procedures.

Minerva needle cartridges are especially designed for the Minerva Permanent Makeup System. Each cartridge features a secure locking mechanism, as opposed to the screw tight method of older versions of the needle cartridges, such as the Artemis Pen. The locking mechanism does not require any compression force on the walls of the needle chamber, thus increasing the longevity of the needle chamber preventing wear and tear that usually comes with long hours of use and age.

Each cartridge is spring loaded with a back flow mitigating design. They are single use disposable cartridges. They are individually sterilized and packaged, with lot number and expiry date. We feature sizes: 1 Round, 3 Round, 5 Round, 3 Flat, 5 Flat and Nano Microneedling cartridge.

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