Manual Applicators Soft Tap

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Manual applicators and soft tap tools dates back to Ancient Egypt and has been used all throughout history as beauty enhancement technique. But since the arrival of machines, artists began to choose convenience.

However, manual applications are coming back as a major player in the permanent makeup industry. Because the appliction does not rely on eletricity, rotary or motors, which allows mobility amongst other benefits. Manual application relys on hand movement from tapping to rocking the blade against the skin, implanmenting pigments along the way.

Despite technology, artists have found that this method gives them more control on speed, depth and strength, allowing them to push pigments into the desired layer of the skin where it is not too shallow and not too deep. Along with the depth and strength, manual application also enables the artists to use thicker and more concentrated pigments for truer colors, enhancing the end result.

The hand technique also help maximize precision, creating the natural hair strokes for either scalp or eyebrow pigmentation. And the best benefit of all for the customers is that manual application allows the skin to heal faster because it is a much gentler process which gives less trauma to the skin.

Perpetual Permanent Makeup carries a variety of handles, tools and softap applicators made for lip-ling, filling, tattooing, eyeliner, scalp pigmentation and eyebrow microblading procedures. We offer competitive pricing combined with quality products. These handles are a great value no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner.