Permanent Makeup Aftercare

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Perpetual Permanent Makeup is the proud authorized dealer of A&D, Tattoo Goo, and Purtect products. These brands supplies pre preparation and after procedure skin cleanser and ointments to ensure lasting color and fast healing.

Taking proper care of the area after the procedure with top of the line quality permanent makeup aftercare products is essential to keeping it healthy and long lasting. We carry a full line of tattoo after care lotions and ointments that will help you or your customers to maintain true pigment color on your skin. Think about it, you went through all the effort of choosing a design and your not going to make sure its well maintained? Doesn’t make any sense does it?

Permanent makeup after care has come a long way since the old days of using random creams and drugstore lotions. The first major breakthrough in aftercare was the A & D ointment, a tried and true method of protecting the skin and helping it heal which is still used today by many reputable technicians and salons. Today, products used for helping you heal, maintaining the color and protecting your pigment are developed by sophisticated laboratories. It is always important to buy from brands that have a well established history of safety, for we are talking about long lasting beauty.

Tattoo Goo is a well trusted brand in the industry that is used to promote healthy and proper healing. We sell them in individual tins and entire boxes to salons and studios for resale to their clients. If you have your own shop and are looking to increase business, we suggest that you stock up on some Tattoo Goo aftercare products to offer to customers. The procedure that they just went through cost a pretty penny and time, best to protect this investment wisely.