Sterilization Supplies

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In the cosmetics and micropigmentation industry, cleaniness is one of the most important requirements. From having the right supplies for proper sterilization to performing the pre procedure checks is essential. Because of that Perpetual Permanent Makeup has dedicated a whole section with the right equipment to provide user convenience and proper sterilization.

The surface of all work areas including tables, chairs, benches, stools and trays should be made of a material that is non porous, non absorbent and easily cleaned with germicidal solution. So in this section, you will find surface disinfactants such as madacide, green soap and alcohol wipes meant for disinfecting surfaces.

Needles, tubes, razors and other disposables that are used in a procedure must be disposed of in a sharps container. We provide a selection of Sharps containers in two sizes with a locking plastic lid that locks in place via extra strong tabs when the lid is applied.

Last but not least, you will find disposable cover sleeves in this section, meant to keep clip cords, arm sleeves, bottles and even tablets from cross contamination by an easy slip on cover. It can be taken off in seconds when the procedure is done and discarded.