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Perpetual Permanent Makeup features our Minerva Nano Needle Cartridge for Micro Needling with Minerva Permanent Makeup Machine. Nanoneedles is the evolution of the microneedling needles. With our 81 prong cartridge, it can help open up to 2 million mini channels on the skin’s surface in as little as 5 minutes. This will enhance the skin’s absorption of nutrients and help to stimulate collagen production. The absorption rate increases more than 10 times with the help of nanoneedle.

It allows active substances to work fast, penetrating just enough upper skin tissue to stimulate collagen release.

Nanoneedle manufacturing technology is the ultimate micro-processing technology. Its length is less than 120 microns, touch skin dot diameter at 81 nano, is 1/100 of the skin cell gap. Due to the short length, it will puncture through the cortex, without touching bestrews nerve dermis. This procedure allows pores to be opened, repair and closed within 20 minutes.

NanoPass MicroPyramids are sharp, and robust enough to only slightly penetrate human skin with very little pain and discomfort. Promoting permeability in a safe and noninvasive manner.

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