These Perma Blend toners Kit Set offers coverage and correction of brows that have healed off-color.

The Toner Collection contains three Perma Blend 1/2 oz bottles:

  • Gourd Toner – neutralizes green/blue brows
  • Grassy Toner – neutralizes red/orange brows
  • Yellow Belly Toner – neutralizes blue/purple brows

To thicken up pigments for manual work, please use the Perma Blend Shading Solution – Thick, and to dilute pigments for machine work, or to adjust the intensity of the shade, please use the Perma Blend Shading Solution – Thin.

Permablend Permanent Makeup Pigments are for micropigmentation and microblading. Made in the USA with adherence to strict US guidelines by World Famous Ink, one of the oldest and trusted names in the industry.

Vegan friendly and guaranteed to have not been tested on animals. EU certified with MSDS and all ingredient documentation. These pigments are for professional use only.