Perpetual Permanent Makeup Microblade Pens

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Perpetual Permanent Makeup has developed one of the sharpest blades in the microblading industry, our new Perpetual Permanent Makeup Disposable Microblade Pens. These blades are absurdly sharp and well balanced!

Available in the following sizes: 16CF, the perfect all around size for classic long strokes. 18U, the perfect U shape for curvy strokes. 5RS for blending and ombre. 9M1 for shading and blending.

Sterilized with lot number and expiry date stamped on individual packaging. We are one of the only companies that send our needles to a third party independent lab for sterility testing to ensure the safety of our needles. Made using high quality 316 stainless steel. Available in 0.18mm Nano & 0.22mm. Needle taper of 3-5mm.

The grip is made of a non-slip plastic comfort grip. The front end of the grip and tip can be detached from the aluminum handle and best of all, the aluminum handle is 100% recyclable! Perpetual Disposable Microblade Pens reduce waste and cut people!

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg

16 Curved Flat 0.22mm x 5, 16 Curved Flat 0.22mm x 10, 16 Curved Flat 0.18mm x 5, 16 Curved Flat 0.18mm x 10, 18 U Shaped 0.22mm x 5, 18 U Shaped 0.22mm x 10, 18 U Shaped 0.18mm x 5, 18 U Shaped 0.18mm x 10, 9 Magnum Shader x 5, 9 Magnum Shader x 10, 5 Round Shaders x 5, 5 Round Shaders x 10


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