Disposable Microblade Pen: Curved Flat & U shaped

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Disposable Microblade pens from Perpetual Permanent Makeup. Ultra sharp needles with a diameter of only 0.18mm!  The blades and handle are joined together to create a sturdy hand tool. The blades are embedded into the pen allowing for firm and strong movements, making the feel to be a cross between hard and flexible blades. Pre-sterilized with lot number and expiry date stamped on individual packaging. We are one of the only companies that send our needles to a third party independent lab for sterility testing to ensure the safety of our needles. Made using high quality 316 stainless steel.

-Individually packaged, sterilized with lot number and expiry date
-Ultra sharp needles with diameter of 0.18mm
-High quality 316 stainless steel
-Needle taper of 3mm
-10 sterilized handle and blade per box

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg

7 Curved Flat x 5, 7 Curved Flat x 10, 12 Curved Flat x 5, 12 Curved Flat x 10, 14 Curved Flat x 5, 14 Curved Flat x 10, 18 Curved Flat x 5, 18 Curved Flat x 10, 14 U Shaped x 5, 14 U Shaped x 10, 18 U Shaped x 5, 18 U Shaped x 10


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