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Perpetual Permanent Makeup supplies is your premier source for microblading supplies and equipment. Our company started in this industry in 2007 and have gained a great deal of expertise and experience in this field over the years. It is from this experience base that we developed and designed our own permanent makeup machine models like the Precisionpoint, Artemis and the Minerva. We also sell everything relating to microblading like handles, microblades, pens, eyebrow embroidery supplies, pigments, ink, procedure equipment, sterilization products, drawing tools and more. The Doreme permanent makeup pigments we sell are advanced, safe and laboratory tested by Dermatest of Germany. This brand of permanent makeup ink are excellent for both electric rotary machines and as microblading pigments. We are based in the beautiful city of Richmond in British Columbia and Point Roberts in Washington State.

The permanent makeup machine models we designed include the Precisionpoint, Artemis and the Minerva. Drawing from our vast experience in working with practitioners, spas, salons, studios and schools, our devices are developed with their input and are essentially made by the industry for the industry. The Precisionpoint features a more traditional needle, cap and tube system and is capable of using up to 7 different formations. The Artemis was our first needle cartridge system based pen with a capability of using up to 5 different formations. Our most recently developed Minerva permanent makeup machine features a state of the art lock based mechanism needle cartridge design with flowback mitigating gasket. Both the Artemis and Minerva featured a twist depth adjustment mechanism, allowing the incremental adjustment of the puncture depth of 0.2mm to up to 3mm.

Our microblading supplies feature a wide range of handles, microblade styles, microblading pigments, ink, eyebrow rulers, stencils and various other products. This style of eyebrow embroidery has been steadily gaining popularity since early 2014 when many hollywood stars began to post to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to show off their wonderfully done hair stroke brows. Today, EVERYONE is getting their eyebrows done! With good reason too girl! Properly done embroidery looks so natural, adds such vibrant contrast and stays for so long that it is a no brainer for most girls or boys that want their brows more sexy and pronounced. This is an industry that is going to take off for a long time as it is more cost effective and time saving to have your eyebrows done than it is to buy and apply makeup everyday on them.

With the popularity of microblading procedures, anyone serious about getting into the industry should consider starting off with a microblading kit! The microblading starter kit can range in price from fifteen to up to a few hundred dollars, but it is a wise investment. The packages we sell are designed, picked and put together by professionals that know what is needed to get started. Most will have the basic necessities like handles, marking pens, brow stencils, pigments, ink cups and an assortment of blades. The larger kits will feature all of these necessities and a lot more learning material and more advanced tools with specialty blades. In addition to the necessities, we provide an important introduction guide along with a VIP discount membership card, keep this one safe as this valuable membership card will entitle you to incredible discounts on the Perpetual website!

We supply world famous brands of Permanent makeup pigments and ink. We are the official distributor of the world famous Doreme Brand. Laboratory tested by Dermatest in Germany. The Doreme brand is made in South Korea, a country with an advanced medical industry that specializes in cosmetic surgery and of course permanent makeup. These colors heal true, are long lasting and require little touch up. Featuring an amazingly large selection of various cool, neutral and warm tones and color charts that show how each tone heals, Doreme is a one of kind choice for professionals. The pigments and 2shot are formulated for electric permanent makeup machine applications.

We carry world famous brands of microblading pigments and ink, like the Doreme brand. We are the official distributor of the Doreme Brand microblading pigments in North America. Laboratory tested by Dermatest in Germany. The Doreme brand is made in South Korea, a country with an advanced medical industry that specializes in advanced micropigmentation procedures. We first introduced our Doreme brand to the North American market in early 2011 and its popularity within the industry skyrocketed. We now have 3 lines: Pigments, Concentrates and 2Shot. Pigments are liquid and are more suited for rotary or motorized applications. Concentrates are thick pastes that are suited for microblading applications. 2Shot are a cross between the liquid Pigments and thick paste Concentrates. The 2Shot can be used for all micropigmentation applications.

Perpetual Permanent Makeup has been a part of the industry since 2007. Our decade long experience in this field gives us an edge over the competition. For all supplies to permanently or semi permanently beautify your eyebrows, eyeliners to your lips, we have got you covered! We are proud to have such a great customer following over the years and we will continue to provide excellent products at reasonable prices for hopefully decades to come. Micropigmentation is an art form that uses neither paintbrush nor clay yet its influence on the individual is profound. Our machines and equipment are designed to aid our users in accomplishing their fantastic goal to help people look their best.