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Perpetual Permanent Makeup Blog Mission

Perpetual Permanent Makeup blog mission is to create a rippling effect by sharing our knowledge in this blog section.

Mission Effect

Inner Ripple: Quality Products by Us
2nd Ripple: Quality Work by You
3rd Ripple: Client Satisfaction
Outer Ripple: Long Lasting Relationship.

First, we put in time and effort to researching quality products in the journey to creating the Ideal Equipment.

The Ideal Equipment: microblades that produce a gliding effect, with good pigment flow rate and retention, which saves both time and effort. This will allow your work to be an equal proportion of creation and technique rather than only technique because the artist has to figure out the best way to use an imperfect product. Also, these microblades should also result in healing true, crisp and fast for your customers.

Second, we must provide what we learn to you – our customers. This will allow you to decide better:

What will work, and what will not.
What your customers are looking for, and how to best achieve those results.


In a world that is ever evolving, we must make a commitment to evolve along. This allows us to be industry leaders in Permanent Makeup, providing both valuable product and knowledge to you. Our blog is a way for us to share those experiences. We research, experiment and initiate studies to make strides in technology and techniques. We take in feedback from our customers and after implementation and testing, we tweak and tune, till we get the right product.

In this section, you will find our research results on Skin Anatomy, techniques, new technology, pigments, and more.

How you can help

We welcome you to be part of this evolution, not only by reading the information, but also by providing feedback for our products. You can reach us at [email protected] or contact us by phone at 1 888 944 8841.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


Perpetual Permanent Makeup Team