The Doreme Bodacious Brunettes Set is comprised of the most popular brunette colors this line has to offer.  Featuring 6 brunette colors in a natural gradient of lighter to dark.  You can mix and match to satisfy your client’s desired final color, and desired consistency.  Comes complete with Aura Elixir Aftercare 1/2oz.

AURA ELIXIR, a fast-absorbing, light-weight aftercare oil of blended Grapeseed and Virgin Olive Oil. Grapeseed and Virgin Olive Oil nourish and moisturize the skin, making the complexion look even, supple and hydrated for optimum healing. These all-natural oils contain antioxidants that help against free-radical damage. Beneficial for all skin types. It is widely known that products created with Grapeseed and Olive Oil have many benefits on the skin. These ingredients reduce the appearance of fine lines by deeply moisturizing the skin. It is also full of vitamins and antioxidants that help to even out overall skin tone. Product is Vegan and Cruelty-free.

The liquid viscosity of these permanent makeup pigments are designed to be used with permanent makeup machines.

This set includes:

    • Java
    • Expresso
    • Khaki Brown
    • Chocolate Kiss
    • Choc Choc
    • Dark Taupe
    • Aura Elixir Aftercare 1/2oz

For more information about Doreme Pigments and their usage, we have a guide:

Here is a color chart for Doreme Pigments:

Comes with the All About Doreme instructional guide that details retention, healing and pigment information.