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Minerva needle cartridges are designed for our permanent makeup machine, the Minerva.  In addition to the Minerva, these Bayonet style permanent makeup needle cartridges will fit many other machines from other brands that use the Bayonet style coupling, which makes the Minerva cartridges very versatile!  All of the permanent makeup needles come in 0.25mm diameter with long taper for precision injection.  The exception is the 0.4mm 1 Round Liner.

Made using high quality 316 surgical stainless steel.  Needles are finished to an extra sharp point to allow for precision work.  Sterilized by E.O Gas, Single-use disposable, sterilized with lot number and expiry date.

These cartridges feature a secure locking mechanism via the bayonet coupling. The locking mechanism does not require any compression force on the walls of the needle chamber, thus increasing the longevity of the needle chamber. Each cartridge is spring-loaded and has a backflow mitigating design.

Minerva is highly suitable for all PMU procedures such as : lip blush, permanent eyeliner, microshading (ombré brows), scalp micropigmentation, scar camouflage and more. Minerva is most ideal for doing microshading compared to other traditional tattoo pens due to the smaller diameter of the needles and lighter weight.


Available in 0.25 Diameter Long Taper in the following:

Round Liners: 1 Round Liner, 1 Round 0.4mm Liner, 2 Round Liner, 3 Round Liner, 5 Round Liner and 7 Round Liner

Flats: 3 Flat, 5 Flat and 7 Flat

Slopes: 3 Slope, 5 Slope

Dermal: 12pin, 36pin and nano

Product code: MINV

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1R x 10 Cartridges, 1R x 20 Cartridges, 1R(0.4mm) x 10 Cartridges, 1R(0.4mm) x 20 Cartridges, 2R x 10 Cartridges, 2R x 20 Cartridges, 3R x 10 Cartridges, 3R x 20 Cartridges, 5R x 10 Cartridges, 5R x 20 Cartridges, 7R x 10 Cartridges, 7R x 20 Cartridges, 3F x 10 Cartridges, 3F x 20 Cartridges, 5F x 10 Cartridges, 5F x 20 Cartridges, 7F x 10 Cartridges, 7F x 20 Cartridges, 3S x 10 Cartridges, 3S x 20 Cartridges, 5S x 10 Cartridges, 5S x 20 Cartridges, Nano x 10 Cartridges, Nano x 20 Cartridges, 12Pin x 10 Cartridges, 12Pin x 20 Cartridges, 36Pin x 10 Cartridges, 36Pin x 20 Cartridges, Replacement Grommets x 20

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