Perma Blend X Evenflo Lip Pigments are the World’s first machine optimized formula developed by Lulu Siciliano, co-founder of Microbeau Inernational.  This pigment delivers natural looking results thanks to its ultra-fine particle size.

Uses: Choose the perfect tone for lips, eyebrows, eyeliners, and cover ups each time.

Suggestions: Can be modified to achieve lighter and warmer colors.

Perma Blend Permanent Makeup Pigments are designed for machine work, micropigmentation and microblading. Made in the USA with strict adherence to US safety guidelines by World Famous Ink, one of the oldest and trusted names in the permanent makeup and tattoo industry. Each bottle is sterile and insurable in USA and Canada.  Each pigment is made with high quality, concentrated and stable color that limits the chances of blowouts and spreading.  This brand and its various colors are usable for lips, eyebrow, eyeliner and cover ups!  MSDS is registered and available!

Vegan friendly and guaranteed to have not been tested on animals. Lab tested and certified with MSDS and all ingredient documentation. These pigments are for professional use only for you to do your best work with the best product.