Perpetual Premium Practice Skin x5

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Our Perpetual Premium practice skin is used for helping artists to practice their line work and skills on a wipeable and cuttable skin-like material.  Unlike other practice skins on the market, our Perpetual brand skins exhibit distinguishing characteristics that sets them apart from the rest.

First thing is the texture, you will find many practice skins to have a sandy or powdery texture, inferior skins have this sandy texture because it is easier to cut and separate.  While this may be great for the machines that make them, this is not good for the people practicing on them.  The grainy texture will snag on blades, the sandy grains will fill your lines and wiping the skin will smudge it into a great big mess!

Perpetual brand practice skins are made of layered silicone that has a shiny finish.  Go ahead and hold it up to the light, you will see the light reflect back at you!  Not only is this pretty but the shiny surface allows the user to wipe their lines and have them retain in the skin and not smudge all over the place.  When you slice into our skin, you will hear the familiar “scratch” sound that you would hear on real human skin, due to the layered silicone.  This skin can be used on both sides to practice shaping and pigmentation.

We sell them in packs of 5 sheets. The measurements are 6″ x  5″. The sheets are 1/4mm thick.

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