Trisan antibacterial skin cleanser has a mild foaming action which removes oils, dirt and debris without drying the skin. Antibacterial action. Moisturizes and leaves skin and scalp feeling soft, supple and clean.


  • preserves the skin’s natural barrier, an essential element in the fight against the penetration of bacteria
  • cleanses effectively and does not interfere with the treatment of acne through medication
  • cleanses and reduces bacteria, dirt, impurities and sebum from the skin surface
  • effective against yeasts, fungus, dermatophytes, as well as gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • can serve as an antiseptic cleanser for hands and body and in-home first aid
  • cleanses and sanitizes underarms for those suffering from smelly perspiration
  • adjuvant in the treatment of folliculitis
  • non drying, non irritating and non comedogenic glycerin-based formula
  • 100% perfume free, oil free and alcohol free
  • compliant with Health Canada efficacy and safety regulations

Product code: DERMTRISAN225