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Perpetual Permanent Makeup proudly presents the Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Military Victory. The Athena combines the intelligence and wisdom of the permanent makeup industry and the strategic versatility of the tattoo industry.

The Athena was developed to use ALL standard size tattoo needle cartridges, therefore there is 56+ needle configurations. Compare that to the average permanent makeup pen that may only have 5-12 configurations. Among those configurations are Bugpin Cartridges. Bugpins have thin needles, they are called Bugpins in the tattoo industry because they can literally tattoo a bug with fine detail.

You will never have to worry about sizes being out of stock for this pen, tattoo needle cartridges are standard size and are sold by hundreds of suppliers online. If we don’t have it, hundreds of other suppliers will. However, our Universal needle cartridges are best quality and best priced.

The 56 needle configurations for the Athena include:

1 liner, 3 liner, 3 bugpin liner, 3 liner 0.25 (thinnest liner available), 5 liner, 5 bugpin liner, 5 liner 0.25, 5 liner mt, 7 liner, 7 bugpin liner, 7 power liner, 7 liner 0.25, 9 liner, 9 bugpin liner, 9 power liner, 9 liner mt, 11 liner, 11 liner mt, 13 liner, 15 liner

3 shader 0.25, 5 shader 0.25, 5 shader, 7 shader 0.25, 7 shader, 9 shader, 11 shader, 13 shader, 15 shader

5 flat, 9 flat, 13 flat

5 magnum, 5 bugpin magnum, 7 magnum, 7 curved magnum, 7 bugpin curved magnum, 9 magnum, 9 curved magnum, 9 curved bugpin magnum, 13 magnum, 13 curved magnum, 13 curved bugpin magnum, 15 magnum, 15 curved magnum, 15 curved bugpin magnum, 17 magnum, 17 curved magnum, 17 curved bugpin magnum, 23 magnum, 23 curved magnum, 23 bugpin curved magnum, 27 magnum, 27 curved magnum, 27 curved bugpin magnum

While some permanent makeup artists use bulky tattoo pens that have gigantic grips, the Athena was designed with a grip section that is only 3/4″ in diameter at the narrowest point. It was designed to feel, look and weigh as a permanent makeup pen should. With a 4.5watt motor and a 3mm stroke, this powerful pen is strong enough to do tattoos yet gentle enough to do the most amazing permanent makeup work this world has ever seen!

The specifications of the Athena are as follows:
* Grip diameter 3/4″ (at its narrowest point)
* Weighs 3.3oz (95 grams)
* 4.5watt motor
* 3mm stroke
* Maximum needle depth of 3mm
* Incremental depth adjustment of as little as 0.1mm
* Capable of using any standard tattoo needle cartridge
* Capable of using any tattoo power supply
* Does not come with power supply
* Comes with 6 1/2′ long cord

The Athena uses a tattoo power supply to power it and a foot pedal to control it. For those that do not like to use a foot pedal, we do have an auto switch available, which will set the pen to keep running until you flick the switch to power it off. Power supply we recommend for the Athena would be the Pulse Overdrive, Pulse Crossdrive and the Critical Atom.


**This machine does require power supply and foot pedal to work** Available power supply units found here.

Additional information

Weight 0.39 kg

Obsidian Black, Quicksilver, Pure Gold


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