Micropigmentation Pigments

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This brand has been compared to biotouch and kolorsource. We have unique colors for brow, lip, eyeliner, areola repigmentation, cosmetic tattooing and more. Just choose one of the four categories below and you can see all of the various colors under that category.
Lip micropigmentation is a procedure where the permanent makeup technician fills out the lips in a color or tint. This is a convenient way of having your lips in whichever color you want them to be, all of the time. since the lips is an area where we grow new skin all of the time, it may be necessary to go for a retouch after two to three years. A retouch may be a good time to consider a new look.
Cosmetic tattooing is also known as permanent makeup and micropigmentation. It is a process where a professional technician injects pigment into the skin of the client. The term permanent is not entirely accurate, we grow new skin cells all of the time and it may be necessary to retouch procedures every several years.
We stock a wide variety of micropigmentation pigment supplies and put them on sale. We occasionally hold sales with our expiring inventory so it is a great time to pickup a deal. Check back with our site often to see if we are holding a sale!