How to get Microblades to fit Microblade Pen

Microblades don't fit pen 6

Some microblading pens have a tight opening, especially brand new ones.  This is due to the manufacturer machining the inserts narrow.  There is no set minimum dimensions for these inserts, nor is there a set thickness for the base of the blade and so this issue is common for a lot of technicians.  This tutorial will show you how to fix this problem.

The pen is made of 3 main parts: A handle, a grip and a vice.

The handle is self-explanatory, the grip serves the dual purpose of providing a grip and to tighten the vice, the vice is where the microblade is inserted.  You loosen and tighten the grip to release or fasten the blade.  The problem is when the inserts for the vice are too small and will not allow the bottom of the blade to be inserted.  We fix this by first taking apart the pen into its 3 main parts.

Microblades don't fit pen 5

Take the vice and hold it firmly with your fingers and use a butter knife or thin flat head screwdriver to wedge into the vice, forcing it to bend outwards.  Do not worry about forcing it too much, when you put the grip back on, it will push the vice sections back inward to the minimum diameter of the grip.

After the vice inserts have been expanded, you should have no problems fitting any brand of blades into your pen.  You only need to do this once and now you won’t have to worry about the microblade not inserting into your pen.