Precisionpoint Machine Needle Cap Combo Packs

More Information

Precisionpoint Pen has been with us since the very beginning. With smooth and strong motor, these pens are able to pull with precision and strength. And this section is a selection of the combo packs that are made exclusively for our Precisionpoint Micropigmentation Pen.

Used by many professional technicians and by permanent makeup schools, our Precisionpoint features needle size starting at 1 round liner, perfect for creating hair strokes and eyelining. Our biggest size are the 7 flat shaders, made for lip pigmentation.

Round Formation

Our round needle formations are perfect for both lining and shading small areas such as eyebrows and lip lining. It can also be used for Scalp pigmentation to create real 3D hair strokes. The needles comes in a cluster in a circular formation, much like a pencil to a felt pen.

Flat Formation
Flat formation needles are tailor made for shading. Think of it as using the flat side of a pencil. It is great for filling in color for skin pigmentation or lip coloration.

All of our combo packs are equiped with needle, sleeve and cap, with expiration dates and lot numbers. They are also individually packaged and sterilized.